Analytics Platform and Artificial intelligence

Analytics systems and engines, for both video and non-video content, is rapidly maturing exponentially. With various OEMs being excellent in their respective fields and interests, it used to be a challenge to assemble a holistic collection of best performance engines and systems on a single platform. Until now.


Utilize only the proven analytic engines and systems, to each of its individual strengths. And obtain the best possible results from within a single platform. It’s possible to make the best AI better.


Customize your workflows on the fly with our proprietary workflow engine and simplify even the most complex of workflows the situation requires.

Engine Agnostic

The platform receives video, data and other forms of analytic engines and systems, so long it has the ability to conform to the client-defined structures.

Single Platform

Manage and operate the various systems and engines within a single unified interface. Apply the requisite workflows on the same interface, and watch the magic happen.


Developers and integrators alike, can build and improve their engine connectivity to the platform with the readily available commonAPI.

Seamless Onboarding

Connecting engines and systems are now made easier. Connectivity to third party VMS has also been simplified.
Onboarding new engines, sources and workflows gets easier everyday.

Ready to make things happen?

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