Emergency Video

Revolutionising how emergency calls can be made, the Emergency Video System allows for live video streaming to be initiated to any mobile phone, significantly aiding in situational awareness and real-time decision making. This is made possible through our very own Emergency Video System, Horus.

Live Video

Operators are now able to request for a live video session, where actual situations can be streamed back live, allowing for both operators and ground responders to make better informed decisions and preparations to respond to the emergency.

Live Chat

Caught in a situation that makes conversations potentially life-threatening? Operators will be able to communicate with the caller over messages.

GPS Location

Actual locations of callers can now be made available to the operators, reducing significantly the amount of time that used to be needed for ground responders to locate the callers in need of urgent assistance.

Real-Time Guidance

Operators utilizing all possible data from the callers’ phones, will be able to accurately guide ground responders to the callers, or vice versa. Ground responders also possess these information to make better ground decisions.

Phone Agnostic

Operators and callers will be able to utilize any video enabled smartphone, without any requirement to install any application.


Integrations with SMS gateways allows for operators to very quickly send a time-expiry URL link to the caller, to establish the live video session as easily and quickly as possible.

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