Collaborative Technologies

Balancing bespoke solutions between the new and the old, where IT-based video streaming is becoming a norm, yet cyber related concerns remain, and copper-based video transmissions remains preferred, our approach address both choices, whilst alleviating security concerns. This is only made possible via our unique solutioning methodology, and our in-depth experience within the IT integrator domain.


Transmit securely, over any distance, at extremely low latencies, and maximum visual qualities, is what we do. And that is the mandate adopted in our proposed designs.


Send audio digitally over an IT network, and experience scalability that you have never had before. Gone are the days of the old, long distance traditional audio and microphone cabling.


Spanning across spaces of different sizes, manage, control and operate all equipment and peripherals within a single, unified interface. Taking it one step further, centralized equipment monitoring makes easy work of thousands of connected equipment.


Share everything, discuss, anywhere, anytime, over any platform, with a few simple clicks. Do it BYOD, do it within preconfigured meeting venues. You don’t have to choose only one.


True collaborative environments are bi-directional. And interactions can be in various means and methods. Talk to us, and tell us how you envision your experience to be.

Space Planning

Integrate all the equipment into the environment, and your user experience far exceeds the original intent. We design with both user experience, and interior design and space planning, in mind.

Ready to make things happen?

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