Cloud Video Exchange

Empowering Government Agencies with Unified Video Collaboration

Discover the exceptional power of Cloud Video Exchange (CVX), a revolutionary solution developed in collaboration with GOVTECH. Designed exclusively for government agencies, CVX is poised to transform video management by seamlessly unifying and connecting multiple video systems onto a single, efficient cloud platform, resulting in enhanced collaboration and unparalleled productivity.

Overcoming Challenges

As agencies integrate video systems and software from diverse sources over time, the need for effective and secure video access and sharing becomes crucial. CVX addresses these challenges head-on, eliminating the hurdles that hinder seamless collaboration and insights generation.

The CVX Solution

Working in close collaboration with GOVTECH and DSAID TEAM, the CVX team endeavours to democratize video content and insights sharing within the Government. Seamlessly integrated with other Whole-Of-Government (WOG) systems on the Government on Commercial Cloud (GCC) platform, CVX empowers agencies to effortlessly manage video content across various agencies, promoting operational efficiency.

Aligned with the Singapore Technology Tech Stack (SGTS)

CVX stands at the forefront of Singapore’s forward-thinking technology infrastructure as part of the Service Layer of SGTS. It offers government agencies a cutting-edge solution to streamline video operations with utmost efficiency.

How CVX works

CVX dismantles existing video silos within and across agencies, deploying a cloud-based system that minimizes physical infrastructure requirements. With its versatile connectivity options, agencies can access video streams on demand, facilitating seamless operations. Integration with existing websites, apps, or systems is achieved through a common API, ensuring the utmost convenience.

Key Benefits


By leveraging GCC 2.0, CVX empowers agencies to pay only for what they consume, such as bandwidth and storage, making scalability a cost-efficient endeavor.

Enhanced Connectivity

CVX ensures faster connections, minimizing time and costs associated with connecting to existing VMS systems.

Simplified Video Access

Access video streams from a centralized location, eliminating the need for physical trips or navigating through multiple portals.

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