Found Property Dropbox


The Singapore Police Force (“SPF”) of operates numerous Customer Service Counters across Singapore. These Customer Service Counters serve as convenient customer service points to provide information and services to the members of public (MoP).

SPF seeks to modernize the operation at the selected Customer Service Counters to adopt automated kiosk technology for providing round the clock services to the MoP.


The Found Property Dropbox (FPD) System is designed with ease-of-use in mind, harnessing the benefits of technology such as cloud virtualization for added security, custom engineered machineries to allow automated packing of deposited item(s).

Self-Help Kiosk (SHK)

The FPD is a fully automated lost and found items deposit kiosk that processes over 500 transactions per month. This new and improved version of the FPD utilizes roller-based bag dispenser for ease of consumable replacement. The built-in thermal printer allows MoP to receive printed receipt upon transaction completion.

Components are compartmentalized to allow ease of maintenance via front door access. The new hardware incorporated into the design have been tested with QA to ensure that the proposed solution would be more efficient, robust and service friendly.

Data Security

The FPD uses enterprise grade zero-client as receiver to connect via VPN to access the KIOSK backend e-services on Amazon Web Services and G-Cloud. This ensure no data at rest is stored at the kiosk frontend devices, such transactions are performed securely via Cloud

Seamless User Experience

The first door opens automatically allowing users to effortlessly input their items. Whether it’s misplaced belongings, lost articles, or valuable possessions, our dropbox provides auser-friendly interface for hassle-free item submission.

Enhanced Security

Once the user has deposited their items, the door smoothly closes, ensuring security and preventing unauthorized access. We prioritize the safety and confidentiality of the contents stored within the dropbox.

Secure Storage

Now, the second door opens, and the items are precisely guided into a dedicated storage bag. Our dropbox ensures that the contents of the storage bag remain inaccessible to anyone attempting to tamper or retrieve items without authorization.

With the automated found property dropbox,the belongings are protected and well taken care of. Designed to simplify the process of item retrieval while maintaining the utmost security standards.

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