Stay Still or Fly

Do we stay still and hope for the best? Or do we fly?

Mark Chng

Chief Executive Officer, NETe2

With the onset of COVID-19, people were confined to their homes. Offices were closed. Working from home became the new way of conducting business. Overnight, this became a concern for the Video Conferencing industry, as people could no longer congregate for face-to-face meetings. Clients started to scramble, looking for new solutions. And they found them in existing but rarely used platforms, namely ZOOM, Microsoft Team and Google Meet, which were all free!

 Mark knew NETe2 had to adapt and evolve, to remain relevant to their clients, in the face of this new development. So, he and the team had to find a solution.  And quick! They did this by studying the competition – the free platforms.  They looked to see if there were limitations in them that could hinder a client’s business.

Significant challenges revolved around the integration of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet etc, into a single unified platform, and it is still currently unavailable in the broader market.

Without an integrated solution, companies/users will be required to set up separate computers/room-based systems to utilize different video platforms. In addition to the unnecessary increase in hardware required, messy cabling and non-intuitive single point of operations will result in a frustrating waste of time just to enter any meeting every day.

With an ever-growing list of pain points, Mark and team created the Advanced Video Conferencing System (AVCS).

A highly integrated, video platform agnostic experience, users can obtain an ultrawide, panoramic view of the entire room and all its participants, simultaneous presenter and active speaker tracking offers a refreshing view to the remote parties of both overview and close up views within a single conferencing video.

Using your laptop instead of the room-based codec? Not a problem. Harness and enjoy the full functionalities of the AVCS with just a simple USB connectivity to your laptop. Inter-video platform meetings have never been so intuitive.

But what about other industries, like the medical and banking fields, where there was still a need for people to meet one-to-one?

How do you overcome fear, when people are still paranoid? Well, to address this situation, Mark and team developed the Tele Consultant.

With it, a person is sent a link to be clicked on.  Once in, one is able to talk to a consultant – doctor, banker, etc. – from the comfort of one’s home! There are no complicated steps, or a need to download any software.  All you need is a laptop.

The system allows the consultant to interact with a patient or customer, while sharing reports, charts and videos.  And if he chooses to, he can even add other consultants to the discussion.

Because the Tele Consultant is highly flexible, it is able to create different workflows to meet the needs of different industries. From the very start, Mark’s vision was to use technology, namely video, to reduce a customer’s pain point, to create vertical integration systems to help businesses to function and grow effortlessly.

With the single-minded goal of delivering solutions to simplify life and make communication easy and efficient, at any time, from any location. And Mark is still not done yet.  In fact, under him,  NETe2 continues to look for new ways to solve problems by coming up with game-changing technologies and products to answer everyday questions.

With a proven name like NETe2, you know these challenges are met with gusto and confidence.  Just like the tenacity of its founder.