Technology makes life easier in a complex world

From a very young age, Mark Chng had been fascinated with the wonders of technology. The power it has to simplify the most arduous tasks, the ability to make life easier, in a complex world. A self-confessed geek, Mark loved all things electric and electronic. A love that remained with him throughout his childhood and teen years.  And when it came to pursuing his higher education, that love bloomed into a passion.

So in 1984,  Mark applied, and got into, the National University of Singapore (NUS) to do Engineering. After sailing through the 1st year, Mark then applied to specialise in Electrical Engineering in 1985 – the creme de la creme of engineering courses at the Uni. As you would imagine, getting in was no easy feat.  Less than 100 of all who applied were chosen! As expected, this determined young man got in.  For his achievement, he received a scholarship from Singapore Technologies.

Fair to say, his uni days were awe-inspiring and unforgettable.

And why shouldn’t they be?  Especially, when one is obsessed with the subject matter!

Upon graduating, Mark immediately joined Singapore Technologies as a Project Engineer. His job?  A position in Intelligent Building Management – the precursor to the Smart and Green Building Technology of today.

Technology.  It has the power to simplify the most arduous tasks, making life easier, in a complex world.

Mark Chng

Chief Executive Officer, NETe2

Unfortunately, in those days, there were no product training, ready-made manuals, or step by step instructional videos for one to refer to. Mind you, this new technology was still in its infancy and was constantly evolving.

As expected, it was tough going for the newbie.  But never one to shy away from a challenge, Mark gleefully dived into the uncharted. Working hand-in-hand with the company’s in-house development lab, while liaising with their very first client – Nanyang Technology University – they created a whole new solution, from scratch – Security System and Intelligent Building System – to address the Uni’s requirements. This was the first of many breakthroughs!

Over time, the team successfully met the needs of numerous clients, from different industries, creating game-changing solutions with every assignment.